National Address Update

National Address Update

Record Contents:
The information in this search is supplied by credit reporting agencies. The information may contain an individual's name, most current address, aliases, previous address, and Social Security Number.  Information may vary based on information on file at the national credit bureaus.

This search only queries one credit agency. For a more comprehensive locator search, try the Trace Plus.

This search does not provide credit information and does not fall under the FCRA.

Search Requirements:
Full name and
Last known address

Availability: Nationwide

Average Turnaround Time: 24 Hours or less

Common Uses:
Updating of old addresses for skip tracing
Confirmation of  a current address and obtain previous addresses
Discovery of address information from all of a subjects creditors
Discovery of Social Security Number, another key skip tracing tool

Search Tips: This search contains different information than the Postal Address Updates or the National Publishers Address Update. The source of the records and the information obtained is entirely different and should be used in conjunction with these other searches. This search is your most effective option given that your subject moved more than one month prior to the search. Searches conducted for someone who has moved within the past month will not be successful.

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