Investment Portfolio Search (Stocks, Mutual Funds, Commodities)

Investment Portfolio Search
(Stocks, Mutual Funds, Commodities)

Record Contents:
This search will provide information on investment holdings of an individual.  The type of information which is located are stocks, mutual funds and commodities holdings in commercial brokerage houses.  Information returned will include: investment institution, address, last four digits of account number and current portfolio balance.   Regardless of the location of the individual, a nationwide search is conducted.

Search Requirements:
Individual: Full name, address, Social Security Number, and phone number (if available)

Availability: Nationwide

Average Turnaround Time: 4-7 Days

Additional Info: The most common question about this search is - Will it tell me how many shares of a particular stock the subject owns?  The answer is no.  The reason we do not provide individual stock holdings is that these holdings cannot be used to satisfy judgment or to determine net worth since the individual is using an investment house to do his buying and selling.  The actual investment holdings are given a daily dollar market value by the investment house and this amount is the actual asset - not the names of the stocks which are held.  In cases where net worth are needed or where assets are being located to satisfy judgments, the information we provide accommodates those needs perfectly.

Individuals who invest in companies directly without using investment brokers will not be located in this search.  This information can only be obtained from that individual or from tax filings by that individual.  For more information on obtaining that information, please consult your local legal counsel.

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