Things to know about Last Name searches

Special Information Regarding Surname Searches

Searches that provide up to 50 names work as follows:
If last name only is provided, all individuals with that surname, beginning with the first one in the first zip code within the requested state are provided until 50 names are reached or there are no more matches.  Any first name or initial will be shown. 

If last name and first initial are provided, the search will begin with the first surname with that initial in the first zip code within the requested state until there are 50 names or there are no more matches.  If you are unsure of the spelling of the first name, submit the entire name and our search experts will search for the most common appearances of that first name and any variances to ensure that you get the most optimum results.

These searches are under exactly the same criteria as above, except:  These start with the first match in the United States, which is in the Northeast and eastern seaboard states and often exhaust themselves of 50 names well before they reach the Midwest or Southwestern states unless the last name is uncommon.

Searches that provide up to 300 names work as follows:
These searches are conducted the same way as 50 name searched except you can leave the first name unspecified as well as specify an initial or first name. Remember, if you specify the first name, it will only search that first name or extensions of it (e.g., if Jon is the first name specified, you will get Jon, Jonna, Jonathan, Jonas, Jonie, etc.  until the search reaches 300 names.) As with 50 name searches, they are sorted by zip code within the state until they exhaust themselves or reach 300 names.

Special Surname Searches:
Because of the constant growth of our network, we can now offer surname searches based on unusual or limited information.  On our largest and most comprehensive database we can also conduct searches for individuals by their DOB and First Name or Full Name for individuals you may not have an exact name on.   If you need to find someone and have only limited information, just contact customer service and we will find a way to find info on your subject.

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