Military Personnel Locator

Military Personnel Locator

What You Need is the Individual's Full Name and one of the following:
Date of Birth
or Social Security Number

Generally speaking, the Information obtained from this search may not be used as a factor in determining an individual's eligibility for insurance, non-business-related credit, or employment.
All searches are CONFIDENTIAL!
The subject will not know you are ordering this report.
Military Locator Search Description:

This database includes records on active U.S. Military personnel in the following branches: Army, Army Guard, Army Reserve, Navy, Navy Reserve, Air Force, Air Force Guard, Air Force Reserve, Marine Corp and Marine Reserve.

Please Note: These records currently contain only active duty personnel and do not include personnel in sensitive positions

The following information is available by purchasing a Military Records Report:

  • Name (full name of the individual)
  • Branch of service (Army, Army Guard, Army Reserve, Navy, Navy Reserve, Air Force, Air Force Guard, Air Force Reserve, Marine Corp and Marine Reserve)
  • Military address (address for the military base)
  • Gender (male or female)
  • Rank (i.e. Major, Captain, Colonel, etc. based on status, branch, and pay grade code)
  • Date assigned to the area (date the individual arrived at the specified military address)
  • Active service date (date the individual joined the Armed Forces).
  • The results on the report will not necessarily be displayed in alphabetical order. (There is a "random sorting order message on the screen).
  • The results will be numbered with a total of 25 items on a page. The pagination feature will allow the user to jump to the next & previous page.

What is NOT included in this database?

  • Retirees
  • Personnel stationed overseas
  • Personnel in deployable or sensitive units
  • Coast Guard
  • Coast Guard Reserves

Search Requirements:
Individual name and
Date of Birth or Social Security Number

Available: Military Records search accesses information from an U.S. Military Active Duty Roster. The records are updated on a quarterly basis with the intent on maintaining the most up-to-date information

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