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Criminal Records Docket Scan
(by County)

Record Contents:
This search varies from county to county; however, most responses include the defendant's name and date of birth, known aliases, file date and file number. This search contains information up to seven years old. It is a physical search of the courthouse in each county for criminal filings under the name provided.

Search Requirements:
Individual's full name
Date of birth
State, county or city to be searched
Social Security Number
Street Address (optional)
Maiden Name (optional)
Known aliases (optional)

Availability: Nationwide by county

Average Turnaround Time: Approximately 2 to 4 days

Approx. $45.00 per county

** Important note about this search:
States often do not offer a certified statewide search. The information in the resulting report is usually compiled from individual sources. Your information broker will probably not warrant the accuracy or comprehensiveness of these records, nor their completeness. Records are retrieved from databases rather than directly from court records. As a result there may be data missing due to circumstances beyond the information source's control, including but not limited to typos, lack of availability, misplaced records, etc. Though things are improving, not all counties / states have electronically archived all records for all dates. Hence, this report may or may not be a complete criminal history. If you need to be know with a higher level of certainty, we recommend doing a county level search as well, using a court researcher to physically search the court house records as it is generally speaking the only true "hand" search of such records and the most accurate way to proceed.

It is useful to know that information contained in such a report is derived from public records which are not always 100% accurate or complete. Employment evaluation should not be based solely on search results from such a report. For example, for a positive ID, a fingerprint search would be needed rather than a name and ate of birth match, as there could be false positive matches. Further disposition inquiries should be directed to the reporting agency.

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