Special Note: How Bank Account Searches Work

Special Note:
How Bank Account Searches Work

When a bank search is requested, the search begins in the following manner.  It starts by searching:

Checking Accounts
Savings Accounts
Money Market Accounts
CD's and Time CD's

The results returned include the name and address of the bank, any and all accounts numbers and the current balances as of the morning they are provided to you.  This information is intended for use in satisfying judgments and determining net worth for legal purposes only.

Bank account location searches are legal.  No means undertaken are violations of the Privacy Act or State of Federal banking laws.  Accounts which are not currently opened will not be provided and cannot be searched. 

Searches can be conducted for individuals or for business entities.  Searches are based on an exact name, address and Social Security Number or Federal Tax Identification Number (for businesses).  Searches will cover any and all banks for the subject of the search.  If more than one state is desired, separate requests are necessary and an address in each state is necessary.  Any accounts located which match the subjects name, address and social security number or can be determined beyond any doubt to be held by the subject will be returned with your request.

Joint accounts will be provided.  Generally, if an individual is a signatory on a bank account they will be located in this search.   The number of accounts found will vary with each search.  Searches are not completed after the first bank accounts are located and thus will often include more than one bank and multiple accounts.

We cannot exclude specific banks or specific accounts.  If you have specific information already, we cannot conduct a search for every account except the accounts have already have. 

Note: If you have some bank account information already, you should provide this prior to ordering.  Social Security Numbers are always required on individuals and Tax ID numbers are required on businesses.  The owner of the accounts is never notified of your search request.

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