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This search combines our two most productive skip tracing tools - the Trace Plus and Profile Plus.  The added advantage with the National Locator is the power of cross-indexing information.  This search first conducts the Trace Plus to obtain all possible addresses and SSNs used by your subject.  Then each of these addresses, names and SSNs are criss crossed with over two billion other records through the Profile Plus search.  The typical results from this search will yield 33% more information than requesting the Trace Plus and Profile Plus separately.  This search will often turn up aliases, assumed SSNs, relatives, associates, vehicle ownership, boat and aircraft ownership, drivers and pilots licenses, property ownership, telephone listing, mail drops and neighbor listings for all address located on a subject.

The Premium National Locator also adds listing involving your subject in Corporations as officer/director or registered agent along with Bankruptcies, Tax Liens and Judgments where available.  For availability of all search categories, see the available states listed under each search category listing elsewhere in this manual.

Search Requirements:
Name and address (current or recent)
Social Security Number

Availability: Nationwide


Common Uses:
Comprehensive background tool for employment and investigations
When normal skip traces have hit dead ends and more leads are needed.

Note: National Locators can be conduct sometimes with just a full name and city of residence.The success of the search when limiting the input depends on how common the subjects name is and whether the subject can be easily located based upon the input information provided

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